Forum-Wide Rules
Greetings, and welcome to the Brony@Home forums! Before commencing your posting sprees, please observe a few simple rules and guidelines:

1: As with any forum, expected behaviour should be common sense. No need to offer patronising advice about respecting each other, or posting content not considered safe for work. While this is a very laid-back community, please use sound judgement.

2: With the exception of content related to MLP or any distributed-computing projects, advertising on the forums is strictly forbidden, and will be dealt with harshly. This applies to posts, signatures and profiles. Please contact an admin if you feel an exception is required.

3: To expand on the topic of NSFW content: MLP is a show aimed at a young audience. This forum is not. Mature discussions are permitted, and there is of course a difference between an argument and a flat-out flame war. Again however, use sound judgement in deciding what content you wish to post. Tasteless images such as gore or images containing genitals/sexual acts will result in a ban. Action against borderline images will be based on a case-by-case basis. Again, we are a laid back community, so such images may be allowed, but as it is a broad category, there is no hard and fast rule for it. Ask if unsure.

4: As a registered member, you are assumed to have a secured account and therefore accountable for whatever is posted under your name.

5: Finally, on the topic of show-related discussions, please avoid discussing spoilers for at least a week after the relevant episode's air date. If you wish to discuss spoilers, place the content in spoiler tags, a separate thread, or use any other suitable method that distinguishes your content as a spoiler.

With that said, get out there and start posting! And once again, welcome to our community!