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What numbers are you trying to hit on your various BOINC projects? Here are my main focus points at the moment, I'm hoping to achieve all of them by Christmas:


[Image: yneRyiK.png]

Going to try to get my Seventeen or Bust badge up to silver (24k left), and PPS Sieve up to Ruby (900k left). Progress Tracker.


[Image: SQYhlGT.png]

Trying to get Harmonious Trees and Odd Weird Search badges (6k left each), and to upgrade my Cruncher ogr badge (60k left). Progress Tracker.

I also want to overtake enginemaniac in yoyo@home, he's currently 28k ahead of me.


I currently have a Ruby/Silver/Bronze badge for getting 20 apps to 1,000 hours runtime, 40 apps to 250 hours, and 60 apps to 100 hours. I'd like to upgrade that second one to Gold by getting 40 apps to 500 hours runtime. Progress Tracker.

Collatz Conjecture

Hoping to get up to a gold badge for 5,000,000 credits. I need another 1,600,000 credits for that, which is going to be pretty much impossible as I only have an Intel HD 4000 crunching on Collatz at the moment. Hopefully my 8730M will finish my PrimeGrid PPS Sieve goal so I can swap it over to Collatz ASAP. Progress Tracker.

Machines running

That's a lot of work I'm trying to get done in under two months, but luckily, I've built up a decent number of computers to accomplish it:
  • 8-thread i7-4820K @3.7GHz w/ 16GB RAM & 2 Radeon HD 7970s (7970s currently running F@H)
  • 4-thread AMD A8-3870K @ 3.0GHz w/ 8GB RAM & Radeon HD 6550D & Radeon HD 7770 (7770 running for Raymoo)
  • 4-thread i7-3517U @ 2.7GHz w/ 8GB RAM & Radeon HD 8730M & Intel HD 4000 (Intel HD 4000 not running to keep CPU cool)
  • 4-thread i3-3217U @ 2.3GHz w/ 4GB RAM & Intel HD 4000
  • 4-thread Nexus 4 ARM v7 @ 1.5GHz w/ 2GB RAM

So there we go, 24 threads (well, 21, I've left some threads clear to make the GPUs smoother), and 3 GPUs (with 4 on the sidelines) running to get this to happen.

So what are your goals, and what are you running to achieve them?
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