[Worklog] Hiiggy's CCTV Rig
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RE: [Showcase] Hiiggy's CCTV Rig
Turns out that HWiNFO was reporting incorrect CPU temperatures, so I switched to some trial version of some program I forgot the name of (started with an A, and ended in 64). Apparently this is the most accurate tool to use for APUs. Seems accurate so far. My laser thermometer gun thingy reports similar temperatures. It's actually running quite cool, so I overclocked it a little to 4.5 Ghz. I also added a second screen, since the number of cameras makes viewing them at the same time a little difficult with such small feeds, and then I adjusted the maximum FPS for live viewing and recording, since it was using 90% CPU. Literally halved the processor usage by doing that, so it should mean more BOINC power available.

I still have three cameras, plus another two IP cameras to add, so I might lose the BOINC power I just gained.
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2014-06-10, 07:15:55 AM
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