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Bug reporting guidelines
This forum serves as an area to report problems with both the forums, and the website in general. However, I want to lay out a couple of rules in reporting issues:

First and foremost, do not use a vague title. I should be able to get the gist of what the problem is by simply looking at the title, and the rest of your report should be able to expand on that.

Be as detailed as possible. Is this happening everywhere on the site, or only in specific areas? Do you have to perform a certain action/set of actions to get the bug? I need to be able to recreate the problem to fix it in the first place. Provide your operating system and browser information as well.

Avoid duplicate threads. While I don't have a major problem with someone not searching for an existing thread with the same issue (I can easily merge the threads), it makes things neater and easier if you find a thread that already mentions a problem you have. Visit that thread instead and confirm the issue, adding any additional information you might have.

Please prefix your thread titles as either [Site] or [Forum], so that I may easily differentiate and prioritize problems. Alternatively, if you feel something warrants a more specific prefix, feel free to use one of your own.
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